Water and Sewer Rates

I heard many residents complain about their costs for water and sewage when collecting signatures this summer.  I looked up the rates for the Town of Vestal and based on my personal usage of about 100 gallons/day for a family of four, my bill would be about 30% LOWER in the Town of Vestal than it is now in the Town of Owego.

Procurement has long been a pet peeve of mine, I wrote a bunch of articles on the topic for the Buffalo Chronicle a few years ago before I was interested in running for any office.  We need tough, honest, competitive, level playing field competition for the purchase of any private sector goods or services. So often government fails miserably at one or more of those aspects, resulting in inflated prices and therefore higher costs to be covered by the taxpayer.

We need to tighten up on spending for water and sewage at the treatment plant and for all departments involved in providing the services.

I'm still intending to get time to analyze rates in comparison to other towns and villages in Tioga county, for a more apples-to-apples comparison to Vestal which is a larger town and in Broome county.  Watch for more details on this analysis.

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