Lake and River Management

Lakes and rivers often suffer a "tragedy of the commons" problem.  Being these water bodies are typically public property, they don't obtain the care which they would receive if privately owned.

A good group to follow on this topic is PERC, go to

I started this section here for the benefit of other Libertarian candidates in New York state.  See also the section on DEP (Department of Environmental Police) for similar discussions.


Here is a report on a lake management strategy for Chautauqua Lake in western NY:

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  • Rich Purtell
    commented 2019-03-01 18:01:56 -0500
    Short and effective video on this kind of topic:
  • Gerrit Cain
    commented 2019-02-27 08:46:50 -0500
    As a Chautauqua County resident and libertarian candidate for District 16 County Legislature I feel a good strategy to build on is property tax relief incentives for residents in the watershed.
    The report mentions land use and buffer zones as having an impact on nutrient and sediment runoff. Lakefront property is the highest tax Levy in the County and agriculture land is taxed at a substantial rate as well. Many properties in the watershed have outdated and/or poorly functioning septic systems as well.
    My idea is a proportional reduction in property tax if residents VOLUNTARILY establish shoreline or stream side buffers by simply allowing a 15+ foot strip to overgrown with vegetation. With modern GIS technology the acreage of buffer can easily be measured. This land is then effective subtracted from the tax assessment for as long as the buffer is maintained.
    Upgrading or replacing septic equipment would gave a resident a dollar for dollar property tax credit.
    This is still a rough idea so I welcome any input or feedback.
    Thank you,

    Gerrit Cain
  • Rich Purtell
    published this page in Issues 2019-02-26 22:20:25 -0500
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