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It doesn't matter whether it is local, county, state, or federal government doing it, I am strongly against the "Here's a bag of cash" economic development ideas which we have seen here in New York state, and elsewhere all around the USA Oligarchy, in recent times.

An analogy I could offer would be to give in to kidnappers and pay them a ransom for someone who was taken hostage.  USA policies frown against this.  Why?  Such payoffs encourage more hijacking, kidnapping, etc.

The same is true of one-off tax breaks, corporate bailouts, and other special incentives.  Pay off one business and not only is that unfair policy, but then other businesses try to get in line for their handouts also.  The businesses which get the most assistance are the ones which have the best political connections, not the ones with the most need.

It's hard to stand fast against threats of businesses to pull up and leave the state if they are not given some special incentive to stay here, but that's the policy I would push for throughout New York state.

Giving in to businesses who threaten to pull up and leave is an offensive message to the many loyal businesses, of all sizes, who have toughed it out here in New York state for many years in spite of some hostile conditions.  It's not all bad for business in New York.  We have many, many talented people in many fields of expertise.

For the Town of Owego councilman race this year, I have a lesser degree of concern about this issue than for any future possibilities to run for state or federal office, but the strategy does not change.




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