Rich Purtell ran for Town of Owego Council in 2017 and is running again now for 2019.  In January of 2018, Rich was privileged to be appointed Political Director for the Libertarian party for the state of New York.  He had the opportunity to support Libertarian candidates around the state in 2018.

Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister ran a stellar campaign for NYS governor/lieutenant governor in 2018.  As a result of the votes Larry and Andrew obtained on the Libertarian ballot line, the Libertarian Party is now a recognized party in New York!  Rich had very poor ballot position in 2017 as an independent candidate- way down at the bottom.  Several voters noted to Rich that it was hard to find him on the ballot.  Now for 2019 with recognized party status, he will be more visible near the top of the ballot.

Since this is a pick two race, please only vote for Rich if you want to support him and have no desire to support any of the other candidates.  Randomly picking one of the other candidates, reduces the chance of a victory for Rich.  Of course if you know one of the other candidates and wish to support him or her in addition to Rich Purtell, then by all means do so.


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