Maximum Freedom - Minimum Government.  As a Libertarian Rich strongly supports downsizing many, many big-government, "nanny state" efforts here in New York.  New York has too many anti-freedom agendas in both our personal lifestyle choices, and also in how we conduct ourselves collectively in the economy.

The Town of Owego needs to be as transparent and efficient as possible in the delivery of services such as water/sewer and road maintenance.  Property rights must be upheld.  Zoning and code-enforcement are two key areas where central planning "visionaries" need to be restrained.

As Rich Purtell served as Political Director for the Libertarian Party of New York in 2018 and into 2019, policy issues are going to be built up in the coming weeks of 2019, some of which might be more significant for other NYS counties vs. Tioga, to help offer content to assist other local government candidates in New York state.

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